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     LEVEL Asset Management is a professional commercial property management firm. Create maximum value from your investment through professional management of tenancy, day to day operations, strategic improvements and financial oversight. Maintaining a high level of tenant satisfaction is an important element that can ensure the long-term success of any income producing asset and enforcing lease agreement provisions is just as important. The ability to excel at both tenant relations and lease administration is what sets LEVEL Asset Management apart from other real estate management firms.

Summary of management services

  • Lease Administration

    • Physical and electronic archiving of lease agreements and tenant information

    • Lease data tracking through continually updated property rent roll

    • Tenant insurance tracking through cloud based platform

    • Enforcement of lease agreements; property use and rent collection

    • Notice of Default preparation and delivery

    • Contracting and support for Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) and Breach of Contract lawsuits

    • Lease renewal administration for expiring lease agreements

  • Property Maintenance

    • Routine physical property inspections with cloud based platform

    • Procurement and negotiation of vendor service contracts and repairs

    • Procurement and negotiation of preventative maintenance contracts for property components (e.g., HVAC systems, fire systems, roof systems)

    • Work order processing and tracking through cloud based platform

    • 24/7 phone and email intake for requests, comments and complaints

    • Electronic archiving of all property repair and service documents

  • Property Improvements

    • Periodic property improvement recommendations

    • Procurement and negotiation of property and tenant improvement contracts

    • Project management for property or tenant improvements

    • Design recommendations for improvement fixtures and finishes


  • Financial Management and Oversight

    • Annual Property Owner Budget and Projection

    • Annual Operating Expense Budget (Tenant CAM Budget)

    • Cost Segregation contracting for accelerated deprecation

    • Cloud access and support for CPA tax preparation

    • Electronic archiving of all vendor invoices and statements

    • Annual vendor 1099 processing

  • Daily Bookkeeping for all Property Financial Data

    • Monthly Account Reconciliation

    • Balance Sheet activity

    • General Ledger

    • Accounts Payable

    • Accounts Receivable

  • Financial Reporting

    • Profit and Loss detail

    • Balance Sheet detail

    • Statement of Cash Flow

    • Delinquency reporting

    • Other reporting available upon request

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