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is a commercial real estate (CRE) investment syndicator with a proven track record of success controlling CRE assets currently valued at over $100,000,000.


Enjoy the benefits of direct investment into commercial real estate assets without the day to day headaches. Investors participate in CRE investments for their unique ability to deliver annual income, capital growth and wealth preservation.

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is a professional commercial real estate brokerage with over 20 years of collective industry experience. If you are buying, selling, or leasing as property owner or tenant, it is imperative that you have a dedicated team to represent your interests and identify real estate opportunities that specifically match your criteria.


LEVEL Asset Commercial Realty takes a personal approach in gaining a clear understanding of each client’s business background and objectives prior to engaging in any real estate project.

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level asset

commercial Realty

LEVEL Asset Capital, Commercial Realty and Management are three specialized teams that operate independently and in parallel to serve the needs of clients with specific commercial real estate (CRE) goals and requirements.  With over 40 years of collective experience, each LEVEL Asset team prides itself in transparency and integrity.



is a professional commercial property management firm. Create maximum value from your investment through professional management of tenancy, day to day operations, strategic improvements and financial oversight.


Maintaining a high level of tenant satisfaction is an important element that can ensure the long-term success of any income producing asset. The organized administration of all lease agreements and their respective provisions is just as important.

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